Split Rock Lighthouse State Park to Beaver Bay

Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

Length: 11.3 SouthSpur TrailNorth

A challenging rocky trail affording dramatic views both of Lake Superior and inland. In many places the SHT follows along the edge of high escarpments with conifers clinging precariously 300 to 400 feet above the valley floor. There are many steep ascents and descents that take one through a wide variety of forests - much birch, maple, and aspen as well as impressive stands of cedars and white pines. The section also traverses part of the Merrill Grade, one of the historic logging railroads. Many sections of the SHT traverse long ridges of table rock, or follow long outcroppings which form walls for the SHT. In several sections one must proceed carefully along ponds bounded with large rocks and small boulders.



Name Type Tent
Water Setting
Chapins Ridge Regular 4 0.2 miles away at Chapins Creek 1.5 mile east of Merrill Grade.
Beaver Pond Regular 4 Beaver pond 2.0 miles east of Chapins Creek
Fault Line Creek Multi Group 8 Beaver Pond 3.7 miles from Beaver Bay trailhead. On shore of large beaver pond by old logging camp.

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