County Road 6 to Finland Recreation Center

Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

Length: 7.6 SouthNorth

This hike leads to some of the more impressive terrain on the SHT, including the high cliffs overlooking the Sawmill Valley, popular with local rock climbers and known to them as Section 13. There is an impressive boardwalk that has been constructed over a beaver dam and glacial erratic that is over 20 feet tall. The hike ends with a trek through the valley that includes the east branch of the Baptism river.



Name Type Tent
Water Setting
Section 13 Regular 4 From creek at base of cliffs. 1.4 miles from county road 6
Leskinen Creek Multi-Group 6 Leskinen Creek (Poor water quality) 0.8 miles north of Park Hill Road

Safety Concerns

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