Finland Recreation Center to Crosby-Manitou State Park

Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

Length: 11.8 SouthNorth

This section, while longer is relatively level hiking. It offers a wide variety of terrain and forest types. SHT passes through mixed hardwood forests, groves of large cedars, excellent moose habitat and past two spectacular inland lakes. Unique features of this section are the old trappers cabin and the boardwalk to the island on Sonju Lake.



Name Type Tent
Water Setting
South Egge Lake Regular 4 From Egge Lake On lakeshore with view of opposite shore
North Egge Lake Regular 4 From Egge Lake On lakeshore
South Sonju Lake Regular 4 From Sonju Lake 200 feet from lakeshore
NOrth Sonju Lake Regular 4 From Sonju lake, dock allows easy access On lake shore
East Branch Baptism River Regular 4 From river River bank
Blesner Creek Regular 4 From river or creek In cedar grove at intersection of creek and river
Aspen Knob Regular 3 From unamed creek 300' away On knob adajacent to SHT.

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