Crosby Manitou State Park to Caribou River

Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

Length: 8.1 SouthNorth

This section of the SHT is quite dramatic in terms of topography, offering broad views of both inland ridges, ponds, and rivers, and of Lake Superior. The SHT here is more rugged than most sections and visits a variety of forest habitats. The western half of the section skirts valley of the wild Manitou River, while the eastern half explores the cedar groves of the dramatic Caribou River Gorge.



Name Type Tent
Water Setting
Crosby Manitou State Park Fee required 28 sites Pump near parking lot, lake or river Wide variety
Horseshoe Ridge Regular 2 Creek east of campsite 4.0 miles east of Crosby-Manitou parking lot. On ridge overlooking Manitou River valley.
West Caribou River Regular 4 River 1.0 mile from Caribou Wayside parking

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