Caribou River to Cook County Road 1

Linking people with nature by footpath along Lake Superior's North Shore.

Length: 9.0 SouthNorth

After ascending the beautiful and dramatic Caribou River gorge, this section of the SHT follows a series of ridges and overlooks through mixed deciduous woods. The bog vegetation of the Alfred's Pond area is a quiet highlight. Lots of evidence of logging, including roads and clearcuts, helps the hiker understand the role of logging in forest ecology. Although this section is lengthy, it is one of the easier sections to hike - perfect for a long nature walk.



Name Type Tent
Water Setting
East Caribou River Multi Group 8 River 0.7 miles from Caribou wayside parking lot. Near the Caribou River bridge crossing.
Crystal Creek Regular 4 Creek 1.5 miles west of Sugarloaf road. 350' off SHT.
Sugarloaf Pond Regular 3 None 1.2 miles east of Sugarloaf road.
Dyer's Creek Regular 4 Creek 1.1 miles west of county road 1.

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